My Story

Hello, I am Srikanth Kodeboyina, Entrepreneur and Founder of Blue Eye Soft Corp. I am engaged in the vision to innovate Healthcare and Space Studies. Let me share my story. I was born in 1988 with a humble background in Hyderabad. My parents were farmers who worked day and night so that I could go to school and college. They never wanted me to touch the grass. The only thing that they wanted for me is to just study. I was a sincere student and I cleared my exams well.

I wanted to go to the US to learn from one of the world’s best Universities. But my family didn’t have enough funds to support it. So I started to apply to different banks for educations loans. And even though I was rejected 7 times by different banks for education loans, I had an unwavering belief in myself that I can live the “American Dream”. Finally, the educational loan got approved and I was off to the US.

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In 2010, when I landed in the US with just $350 in my pocket, I knew that this was the opportunity I needed to transform my life.

In the US, I started studying at the University of Dayton. Initially, I knew I had to hustle hence I did a lot of odd jobs. I worked in dining services, did undergrad tutor work, and I even became a yoga instructor, just hustling my way through day and night. Finally, I graduated from the University of Dayton.
After completing my graduation, I started to work with different companies. In fact, in the next few years, I did 27 different jobs in different companies including Fortune 50 brands.

Soon after that, I started a company called Blue Eye Soft with a vision to create Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Solutions using AI and Cloud. I started the company in 2014, but it went global in 2016.

With a small team of a few people, we created a technology that provides custom software and data solutions to medium to large size enterprises. I was working relentlessly with just 4 to 5 hours of sleep for weeks. The only thing that still motivated me back then and which still motivates me is that if you have talent and hard work, you can live the American Dream.

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In 2016, for some reason, I felt that I wanted to experience the US Army. Prior to that, I had never been to BCT/ROTC/ Officer school. Still, I joined the U.S. Army Reserve and I graduated from the Basic Officer Leaders Course from the Medical Centre of Excellence (MEDCoE).

Looking back at this event, I think that this was one of the best decisions in my life. I had never expected that I would become a Direct Commissioned Officer. Through the course, I learned about leadership, resilience, and accountability.

Early on in my life, I understood one thing. If you want to build something huge, you need to build strong connections. So, while I was working hard on the quality of our services, I was also going to various networking events and connecting with high net worth people who had the power to change the world.

In November 2016, I was more motivated than ever to take it to the next level. So, I decided to scale the organization and move it to Greer. At the same time, my network grew rapidly and I got appointed as the Board Member of South Carolina State Education and Economic Development Council.

Also, looking at the Real Estate growth in the market, I decided to start a venture called “BESC Real Estate” where I would help people find residential and commercial plots of land. Along with that, I also started “Reinvest global” where we act as liaisons between MNC’s and government leaders to help them establish their presence and expand their customer base into global markets by providing access, resources, business opportunities & connections to generate exports and economic growth.

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Since my company was growing, it got recognized by magazines and media. In 2018, Blue Eye Soft got recognized as 2018 New Business of the Year from South Carolina SBDC. Now, I have received numerous awards from various magazines and many media channels are approaching me for interviews since 2018.

It’s been a crazy journey. When I first entered America, I never dreamt of achieving so much. But today, I am grateful to America for adopting me and helping me to live this “American Dream” where I have had so many life-changing experiences. If I can achieve so many things then anyone can even if they have nothing. If one has the talent and hard work, they can create and live the life that they want.

I would like to leave you with this quote – “Building something when you have everything is nothing but from nothing, building something is everything”.