Book recommendations and reviews

Rich Dad and Poor Dad

The title is different than usual and I felt that it was true. I belonged to a middle-class family, my parents weren’t literate and they had only one intention which I mentioned in the acknowledgment.

Habits of highly effective people

An entrepreneur is like a father of a family, he should be an effective person. So habits are also supposed to be changed to reach success. In short, the habits are to develop you internally and last externally and the middle one to be a bridge connection for both.

Science of Success by Charles G Koch

Azim Premji, one of the top 5 Business personalities in India, said in an interview that the book which he reads a lot was the Science of Success. So I thought that it might be a good book to read as I even dream of becoming one of the top 10 business personalities of INDIA. I started reading the book, it was a great book that explained market-based management and a live example of Koch Industries and its vast empire, 124 years experience, and life of the Koch group. It gave me an idea of how big companies have been born and the time and effort that has gone behind them.

Start your Own Business by Entrepreneur Magazine

Bob used to give me a handful of information whenever I met him on Fridays, from those I found one material from Entrepreneur magazine which I liked a lot and thought to visit the fully informative website. I found a book which contained all the information. I went through the entire website and then got the book from the library. It was a pretty decent book of big size with A-Z information on starting a business. I read the complete book, at the end of which I said to myself, “yes, now I know everything for setting up a business.

ZERO to One Million How I Built a company sales for 1 million and you can too

Interesting title, I thought I needed to study this book. I got it soon from ILL and started reading. Ryan was a student from UNC Entrepreneurship major who built his company to 1 million in sales. Company name was –ICONTACT, in which he says that it would take a dedicated work of minimum of three years as his product value is less. The world is small. Ryan was also at the CEO conference which gradually shows me the fact that he grew slowly from step to step and now he is the speaker.

New Venture Creation – Jeffrey Timmon

When Bob showed me the ranking of UD‘s Entrepreneur program which was in 6th position, my eyes went to the top to see the 1st, it was Babson college from Boston. I started reading and I was amazed to know that half of the world’s developed business names and stuff were from the same college. The book gave me the chance to compare UD‘s program with Babson. I always used to ask Bob how many students are going to start a company after completing the program. The only answer Bob gave was that he doesn’t know, none of the students ever used to return and say that they have pursued something different.

Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill

This was another one of those books which I got from Ryan’s list. This taught me the necessary skills to help me think and grow rich. The habits of the rich people are amazing. This book brought a huge impact on me in every way possible. No words to explain the content, it was a study of all successful people in the world.

Good to Great -Why some companies make the leap and other do not by Jim Collins

I have this experience from my childhood, it is easy to score 90-95 marks in an exam but to remain consistent with those marks is difficult. I would like to apply the same to a company too, building a good company is not a big deal but making it great is tough. This book helped me in learning how to make the difference in the leap.

Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Grahams

Every successful person has a great mentor behind him, the mentor trains in a way that they feel would develop us into a bigger and better person than what we were. Bill Gates was the richest man in the world but all of a sudden there came a guy who dominated him and the only one to do that differently was Warren Buffet. Benjamin Graham was the mentor of Warren Buffet at Columbia College and he was the one who taught Buffet about investing. So for an entrepreneur to be successful, I thought investing intelligence is very important and therefore I started reading this book.