How a Single Man’s ‘Life-Plan’ is Transforming the Tech, Health, and Space industries

The inspiring journey of the CEO and Founder of Blue Eye Soft - Srikanth Kodeboyina.

The son of an Indian farmer, with the typical dream of becoming an engineer, landed in America with loads of expectations and the glitter of extraordinary dreams in his eyes.

Srikanth Kodeboyina, the founder of Blue Eye Soft Corp has been working on a vision to innovate healthcare and space studies. In Hyderabad, he grew up in a low-income family.

In Hyderabad, he grew up in a low-income family. His parents worked all hours of the day and night to provide him the opportunity to study in the United States.

The American Dream

Despite being turned down for education loans by seven different banks, he maintained unflinching faith in himself that he could fulfill the “American Dream.”
He had come so far from his hometown to pursue a Masters in Electrical engineering, but ended up creating his indelible impact on the hearts of numerous people.

The Power of Progressive Opportunities

After that, he never turned back. “Power of Progressive Opportunities”, a phrase coined by him, holds true for all of us.

Instead of continually worrying about long-term goals, you should merely focus on the chances in front of you.

The Hustle

Right from the age of 17, Srikanth Kodeboyina, set out to explore the infinite opportunities that came along his way and lived as many lives as he could within his one tiny life.

When he arrived in the United States in 2010 with just $350 in his pocket, he realized this was the chance he needed to change his life.

While studying at the University of Dayton, he embarked on a new adventure. He knew he had to hustle at first, so he took on a variety of odd jobs.

He worked in food services, tutored undergrads, and even became a yoga instructor while hustling his way through day and night. Finally, he graduated from the University of Dayton.

Srikanth had undertaken 24 jobs in completely unrelated domains, before he finally answered his calling.

He decided in 2016 that he wanted to serve in the United States Army for some reason. “I’d never been to BCT/ROTC/Officer school before.

Nonetheless, I joined the United States Army Reserve and graduated from the Medical Center of Excellence’s Basic Officer Leaders Course (MEDCoE).

This was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. I had never imagined myself as a Lieutenant. I learned about leadership, resilience, and accountability during the training”, he says.

He worked as an Assistant Reporter, College Assistant Instructor, Manager to the Dean and later became a Consultant in Fortune 100 companies, only to become a Program Manager afterwards, handling global projects in more than 15 countries.

His career was undoubtedly on incredible heights.

Srikanth could have easily basked under his hard-earned wealth and reputation until his last day. But this man could not envision himself this way.

His ‘life-plan’ was to create something bigger for himself and for the people around him.

In accordance with his life-plan, he left his lucrative job and began his journey as an entrepreneur.

He resigned from his job in July and picked up the pen of his destiny to carve out a unique story of his own on the lands of the United States of America, starting from South Carolina where he based his company.

He had a vision to create Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics using AI and Cloud technologies.

He connected with Madhav Engangti who is the CTO of the brand. Together, they created a technology that provides custom software and data solutions for medium to large size companies.

“Three Kids”

Srikanth had planned to have three kids in his life, so he built three companies as a representation. Since he wanted to make an impact on the healthcare and space industry, Srikanth and Madhav got together to create products like BlueDoc AI and USISS which are sub parts of Blue Eye Soft.

Slowly their organization grew and started to hire more people—the team has grown to 41 members now!

For more than half a decade, Srikanth worked extremely hard, building trust and credibility among the people, gaining the support of Government agencies for his work, and grinding the necessary skills to excel at business and networking extensively to expand his brand.

Finally, after 7 long years, he reaped tangible results out of his efforts. He successfully established a professional, all-encompassing Testing Center offering professional certifications and collegiate exams.

Most of the professionals in South-Carolina now drive to their center for various tests, generating consistent profits for their business besides building their brand.

People first, business next

Srikanth has always weighed people more than business since he believes that it is the people who have the power to construct or destroy businesses.

As a result, he made sure to deep-dive into the cultural roots of South Carolina, connect with the amazing people dwelling there and utilize the skills and experience of many in his startup.

With uniqueness and innovation as his main values, Srikanth incorporated cutting-edge technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to solve the Next- Generation problems of this fast-moving world.

He also introduced a revolutionary ‘No Boss’ system, something that every employee has dreams of.

It is a system where there are no levels of hierarchy and everyone is responsible for their own work.

These and many other unique ideologies can be seen being implemented at Blue Eye Soft almost every day- making it a hub for experimentation, innovation and continuous progression.

Cheers to this man who wasn’t satisfied with his high-paying job and ended up creating a revolution.

I hope that his ambition never gets satiated, such that he achieves his dream of being called the guy who radicalized California with the Global Technology and Space Industry thereafter inspiring more people’s lives.

Kashish Jaffery

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